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NO. 7 OF 2011

(8) For a period of 2 years after the commencement of this section, the Minister for Finance may, by regulations, prescribe such provisions of a savings or transitional nature consequent on the enactment of any provision of this Act as he may consider necessary or expedient.

(9) In this section, “repealed Act” means the Private Lotteries Act (Cap. 250, 1985 Ed.) repealed by this Act.


Section 34(1)


First column Second column
1. Betting and Sweepstake Duties Act
(Chapter 22, 1999 Ed.)
Section 2 Delete the definition of “Commissioner” and substitute the following definition:
““Commissioner” means the Commissioner of Betting Duties or any Deputy Commissioner of Betting Duties or Assistant Commissioner of Betting Duties appointed under the Private Lotteries Act 2011;”.
2. Casino Control Act
(Chapter 33A, 2007 Ed.)
Section 105(2) Delete the words “Private Lotteries Act (Cap. 250)” in paragraph (b) and substitute the words “Private Lotteries Act 2011”.
3. Civil Law Act
(Chapter 43, 1999 Ed.)
Section 5 (a) Delete the words “section 4 of the Private Lotteries Act (Cap. 250)” in subsection (3A)(d) and substitute the words “section 8 of the Private Lotteries Act 2011”.