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Ch. 14.

Short Titles Act, 1896.


Session and Chapter. Title. Short Title.
6 & 7 Will. 4. c. 103. An Act to make temporary provision for the Boundaries of certain Boroughs. The Berwick-On-Tweed  Act, 1836.
6 & 7 Will. 4. c. 106. An Act the title of which begins with the words " An Act to make Provision for the better," and ends with the words " Courts of the said Stannaries." The Stannaries  Act, 1836.
6 & 7 Will. 4.c. 107. An Act to extend the period for the Repayment of Loans made under an Act passed in the Fourth and Fifth Year of His present Majesty, for the Ameudment and better Administration of the Laws relating to the Poor in England and Wales. The Poor Belief (Loans)  Act, 1836.
6 & 7 Will. 4. c. 108. An Act to amend an Act passed in the First and Second Years of His present Majesty, for the Extension and Promotion of Public Works in Ireland. The Public Works (Ireland)  Act, 1836.
6 & 7 Will. 4. c. 110. An Act to repeal so much of an Act of the Fifty-fourth Year of King George the Third, respecting Copyrights, as requires the Delivery of a Copy of every published Book to the Libraries of Sion College, the Four Universities of Scotland, and of the King's Inns in Dublin. The Copyright  Act, 1836.
6 & 7 Will. 4. c. 111. An Act to prevent the Fact of a previous Conviction being given in Evidence to the Jury on the Case before them, except when Evidence to Character is given. The Previous Conviction  Act, 1836.
6 & 7 Will. 4. c.114. An Act for enabling Persons indicted of Felony to make their Defence by Counsel or Attorney. The Trials for Felony  Act, 1836.
6 & 7 Will. 4. c. 115. An Act for facilitating the Inclosure of Open and Arable Fields in England and Wales. The Inclosure  Act, 1836.
6 & 7 Will. 4. c. 116. An Act to consolidate and amend the Laws relating to the Presentment of Public Money by Grand Juries in Ireland. The Grand Jury (Ireland)  Act, 1836.