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Short Titles Act, 1896.

Ch. 14


Session and Chapter. Title. Short Title.
8 & 9 Vict c. 109. An Act to amend the Law concerning Games and Wagers. The Gaming  Act, 1845.
8 & 9 Vict c. 112. An Act to render the Assignment of satisfied Terms unnecessary. The Satisfied Terms  Act, 1845.
8 & 9 Vict c. 113. An Act to facilitate the Admission in Evidence of certain official and other Documents. The Evidence  Act, 1845.
8 & 9 Vict c. 114. An Act for the abolition of certain Fees in Criminal Proceedings. The Gaol Fees Abolition  Act, 1845.
8 & 9 Vict c. 115. An Act for the Appointment of a Taxing Master for the High Court of Chancery in Ireland. The Chancery Taxing Master (Ireland)  Act, 1845.
8 & 9 Vict c. 117. An Act to amend the Laws relating to the Removal of poor Persons born in Scotland, Ireland, the Islands of Man, Scilly, Jersey, or Guernsey, and chargeable in England. The Poor Removal  Act, 1845.
8 & 9 Vict c. 118. An Act the title of which begins with the words " An Act to facilitate the Inclosure," and ends with the words "Powers in certain cases." The Inclosure  Act, 1845.
8 & 9 Vict c. 124. An Act to facilitate the granting of certain Leases. The Leases  Act, 1845.
8 & 9 Vict c. 127. An Act for the better securing the Payment of Small Debts. The Small Debts  Act, 1845.
8 & 9 Vict c. 128. An Act to make further Regulations respecting the Tickets of Work to be delivered to Silk Weavers in certain Cases. The Silk Weavers  Act, 1846.
9 & 10 Vict c. 1. An Act for the further Amendment of the Acts for the Extension and Promotion of Public Works in Ireland. The Public Works (Ireland) (No. 1)  Act, 1846.
9 & 10 Vict c. 2. An Act ... to provide for the more prompt Payment of Contractors for Works under Grand Jury Presentments in Ireland. The County Works (Ireland)  Act, 1846.
9 & 10 Vict c. 3. An Act to encourage the Sea Fisheries of Ireland, by promoting and aiding with Grants of public Money the Construction of Piers, Harbors, and other Works. The Fisheries (Ireland)  Act, 1846.