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Short Titles Act, 1896

59 & 60 Vict.

Session and Chapter. Title. Short Title.
21 & 22 Vict. c. 105. An Act to amend an Act of the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Years of Her present Majesty, to amend the Laws concerning Judgments in Ireland. The Judgment Mortgage (Ireland)  Act, 1858.
21 & 22 Vict. c. 106. An Act for the better Government of India. The Government of India  Act, 1858.
21 & 22 Vict. c. 108. An Act to amend the Act of the Twentieth and Twenty-first Victoria Chapter Eighty-five. The Matrimonial Causes  Act, 1858.

22 Vict. c. 1. An Act more effectually to prevent Danger to the Public Health from Places of Burial. The Burial  Act, 1859.
22 Vict. c. ll. An Act to enable the Secretary of State in Council of India to raise Money in the United Kingdom for the Service of the Government of India. The East India Loan  Act, 1859.
22 Vict. c. 12. An Act to make further Provision for the Purchase of Common and other Rights by Her Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for the War Department, and in relation to Land vested in or taken by such Secretary of State. The Defence  Act, 1859.
22 Vict. c. 14. An Act for the Abolition of Manor Courts and the better Recovery of Small Debts in Ireland. The Manor Courts Abolition (Ireland)  Act, 1859.
22 Vict. c. 20. An Act to provide for taking Evidence in Suits and Proceedings pending before Tribunals in Her Majesty's Dominions in Places out of the Jurisdiction of such Tribunals. The Evidence by Commission  Act, 1859.
22 Vict. c. 21. An Act to amend the Medical Act. The Medical  Act, 1859.
22 Vict. c. 32. An Act to amend the Law concerning the Remission of Penalties. The Remission of Penalties  Act, 1859.

22 & 23 Vict. c. 1. An Act to provide for the Authentication of certain Orders of the Privy Council in the Absence of the Clerk of the Council in Ordinary. The Clerk of the Council  Act, 1859.
22 & 23 Vict. c. 4. An Act to amend the Act for the better Administration of Criminal Justice in Middlesex. The Middlesex Sessions  Act, 1859.