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Ch. 25.

Friendly Societies Act, 1896.

59 & 60 Vict.

or notice, pay over all sums of money and deliver all property in his hands or custody to such person as the society or branch, or the committee or the trustees, appoint.

(2.) In case of any neglect or refusal to deliver the account, or to pay over the sums of money or to deliver the property in manner aforesaid, the trustees or authorised officers of the society or branch may sue upon the bond or security before mentioned, or may apply to the county court or to a court of summary jurisdiction, and the order of either such court shall be final and conclusive.

Payments on Death generally.

Power of member to dispose of sums payable on his death by nomination.56—(1.) A member of a registered society (other than a benevolent society or working-men's club) or branch thereof, not being sums payable under the age of sixteen years, may, by writing under his hand on his death by delivered at or sent to the registered office of the society or branch, made in a book kept at that office, nominate a person to whom any sum of money payable by the society or branch on the death of that member, not exceeding one hundred pounds, shall be paid at his decease.

(2.) The sum of money payable by the society or branch on the death of a member, shall include sums of money contributed to or deposited in the separate loan account and the sums of money accumulated for the use of the member under the provisions of this Act with interest thereon.

(3.) The person so nominated must not be an officer or servant of the society or branch, unless that officer or servant is the husband, wife, father, mother, child, brother, sister, nephew, or niece of the nominator.

(4.) A nomination so made may be revoked and varied by any similar document under the hand of the nominator, delivered, sent, or made as aforesaid.

(5.) The marriage of a member of a society or branch shall operate as a revocation of any nomination theretofore made by that member under this section.

Proceedings on death of a nominator57.—(1.) On receiving satisfactory proof of the death of a nominator, the society or branch shall pay to the nominee the amount due to the deceased member, not exceeding the said sum of one hundred pounds.

(2.) The receipt of a nominee over sixteen years of age for any amount so paid shall be valid.

(3.) If the total sum in respect to which a nomination may be made under this Act by a member, after deducting any sums of money payable under the rules of the society or branch, or otherwise, for the purpose of defraying funeral expenses, exceeds at the time of the death of that member eighty pounds, the society or branch shall before making any payment require the production of a duly stamped receipt for the succession or legacy duty payable thereon, or a letter or certificate from the Commissioners of Inland Revenue stating that no such duty is payable.