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Friendly Societies Act, 1896.

Ch. 25.


specifying the intention to propose that resolution has been duly given according to the rules; and

(b) confirmed by a majority of such members entitled under the rules to vote as may be present in person or by proxy (where the rules allow proxies), at a subsequent general meeting of which notice has been duly given, held not less than fourteen days nor more than one month from the day of the meeting at which such resolution was first passed.

At any meeting mentioned in this section a declaration by the chairman that the resolution has been carried shall be conclusive evidence of the fact.

Registration of special resolutions75. A copy of every special resolution for any of the purposes mentioned in this Act, signed by the chairman of the meeting and of special countersigned by the secretary, shall be sent to the central office and registered there, and until that copy is so registered the special resolution shall not take effect.

Inspection: Cancelling and Suspension of Registry: Dissolution.

Inspectors and special meetings.76.—(1.) Upon the application—

(a) of one fifth of the whole number of members of a resistered society; or

(b) in the case of a registered society of one thousand members and not exceeding ten thousand, of one hundred members; or

(c) in the case of a registered society of more than ten thousand members, of five hundred members,

the chief registrar, or in cases of societies registered and doing business exclusively in Scotland or in Ireland the assistant registrars for Scotland and Ireland respectively but with the consent of the Treasury in every case, may—

(a) appoint an inspector or inspectors to examine into and report on the affairs of the society; or

(b) call a special meeting of the society.

(2.) The application under this section shall be supported by such evidence, for the purpose of showing that the applicants have good reason for requiring an inspection to be made or meeting to be called, and that they are not actuated by malicious motives in their application, and such notice thereof shall be given to the society, as the chief registrar directs.

(3.) The chief or assistant registrar may, if he thinks fit, require the applicants to give Security for the costs of the proposed inspection or meeting, before appointing any inspector or calling the meeting.

(4.) All expenses of and incidental to any such inspection or meeting shall be defrayed by the members applying therefore or out of the funds of the society, or by the members or officers, or former members or officers, of the society in such proportions as the chief or assistant registrar directs.

(5.) An inspector appointed under this section may require the production of all or any of the books and documents of the society, and may examine on oath its officers, members, agents, and