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Short Titles Act, 1896.

Ch. 14.


Session and Chapter. Title. Short Title.
7 Anne, c. 14. An Act for the better Preservation of Parochial Libraries in that Part of Great Britain called England. The Parochial Libraries  Act, 1708.
7 Anne, c. 18. An Act to preserve the Rights of Patrons to Advowsons. The Advowsons  Act, 1708.
7 Anne, c. 20. An Act for the Public registering of Deeds Conveyances and Wills and other Incumbrances which shall be made of or that may affect any Honors Manors Lands Tenements or Hereditaments within the County of Middlesex after the Twenty-ninth day of September One thousand seven hundred and nine. The Middlesex Registry  Act, 1708.
7 Anne, c. 21. An Act for improving the Union of the Two Kingdoms. The Treason  Act, 1708.
7 Anne, c. 30. An Act for enlarging the Capital Stock of the Bank of England. The Bank of England  Act, 1708.
7 Anne, c. 33. An Act for rendring more effectual the Law concerning Commissions of Sewers. The Commissions of Sewers  Act, 1708..
8 Anne, c. 1. An Act for granting an Aid to Her Majesty to be raised by a Land Tax in Great Britain for the Service of the Year One thousand seven hundred and ten. The Bank of England  Act, 1709..
8 Anne, c. 16. An Act for discharging the Attendance of Noblemen, Barons, and Freeholders upon the Lords of Justiciary in their Circuits in that Part of Great Britain called Scotland, and for abolishing the Method of exhibiting criminal Informations by the Porteous Roll. The Circuit Courts (Scotland)  Act, 1707.
8 Anne, c. 18. An Act for the better Security of Rents, and to prevent Frauds committed by Tenants. The Landlord and Tenant  Act, 1709.
9 Anne, c. 6. An Act . . . for suppressing such unlawful Lotteries . . . as are therein mentioned. The Lotteries  Act, 1710.
9 Anne, c. 11. An Act for establishing a General Post Office for all Her Majesties Dominions, and for settling a weekly Sum out of the Revenues thereof for the Service of the War and other Her Majesties Occasions. The Post Office (Revenues)  Act, 1710.