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Coal Mines Regulation Act, 1896.

Ch. 43.


(c) the position, direction, and extent of every known fault or dislocation of the seam with its vertical throw;

(d) the position of the workings with regard to the surface boundary;

(e) the general direction and rate of dip of the strata; and

(f) a statement of the depth of the shaft frpm the surface to the seam abandoned; and

(ii.) A section of the strata sunk through, or, if that is not reasonably practicable a statement of the depth of the shaft with a section of the seam.

"Every such plan must be on a scale of not less than that of the Ordnance survey of twenty-five inches to the mile, or on the same scale as the plan used at the mine at the time of its abandonment, and its accuracy must be certified, so far as is reasonably practicable, by a surveyor or other person approved in that behalf by an inspector of mines.

"(2.) The plan and section shall be preserved under the care of the Secretary of State; but no person, except an inspector under this Act, shall be entitled without the consent of the owner of the mine or seam, or the licence of a Secretary of State, to see the plan when so sent until after the expiration of ten years from the time of the abandonment. Provided that such licence shall not be granted unless the Secretary of State is satisfied that the inspection of such plan is necessary in the interests of safety."

(2.) The High Court, or, in Scotland, the Court of Session, may, on application by or behalf of the Secretary of State, make an order requiring any person who has, for the time being, the custody or possession of any plan or section of an abandoned mine or seam to produce it to the Secretary of State for the purpose of inspection or copying.

Amendment of general rules as to lamps, inspection, and tamping5.—(1.) The inspection before the commencement of work Amendment required by Rule 4 (i) contained in section forty-nine of the of general principal Act, shall extend to all working places in which work is temporarily stopped within any ventilating district in which the men have to work.

(2.) A safety lamp shall not be used in any mine or part of a mine by any person employed therein unless it is provided by the owner of the mine, and no portion of any safety lamp shall be removed by any person from the mine while the lamp is in ordinary use.

(3.) In Rule 12 of the general rules contained in section forty-nine of the principal Act, for the words "nor shall coal or coal dust be used for tamping shall be substituted the words" and "only clay or other non-inflammable substances shall be used for stemming, and shall be provided by the owner of the mine."

Provision as to explosives 6. A Secretary of State on being satisfied that any explosive Provision as to is or is likely to become dangerous, may, by order, of which notice explosives, shall be given in such manner as he may direct, prohibit the use