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Appropriation Act, 1896.

Ch. 46.


Supply ser-vices and of sums applied as appropriations in aid. Fund towards making good the supply granted to Her Majesty, for amounting, as appears by the said schedule, in the aggregate, to the sum of seventy-five million six hundred and eighty-seven thousand and fourteen pounds are appropriated and shall be deemed to have been appropriated as from the date of the passing of the first of the Acts mentioned in the said Schedule (A.) for the services and purposes expressed in Schedule (B.) annexed hereto.

The abstract of schedules and schedules annexed hereto, with the notes (if any) to such schedules, shall be deemed to be part of this Act in the same manner as if they had been contained in the body thereof.

In addition to the sums hereby granted out of the Consolidated Fund, there may be applied out of any money directed under section two of the Public Accounts and Charges Act, 189154 & 55 Vict, c. 24., to be applied as appropriations in aid of the grants for the services and purposes specified in Schedule B. annexed hereto, the sums respectively set forth in the last column of the said schedule.

Treasury may, in certain cases of exigency, authorise expenditure unprovided for; provided that the aggregate grants for the navy services and for the army services respectively be not exceeded4. If a necessity arise for incurring expenditure not provided for in the sums appropriated to naval and military services by this Act, and which it may be detrimental to the public service to postpone until provision can be made for it by Parliament in the usual course, each of the departments entrusted with the control over the said services shall forthwith make application in writing to the Treasury for their authority to defray temporarily such expenditure out of any surpluses which may have been or which may be effected by the saving of expenditure upon votes within the same department, and in such application the department shall represent to the Treasury the circumstances which may render such additional expenditure necessary and thereupon the Treasury may authorise the expenditure unprovided for as aforesaid to be temporarily defrayed out of any surpluses which may have been or which may be effected as aforesaid upon votes within the same department; and a statement showing all cases in which the naval and military departments have obtained the sanction of the Treasury to any expenditure not provided for in the respective votes aforesaid, accompanied by copies of the representations made to them by the said departments, shall be laid before the House of Commons with the appropriation accounts of navy and army services for the year, in order that such proceedings may be submitted for the sanction of Parliament, and that provision may be made for the deficiencies upon the several votes for the said services in such manner as Parliament may determine.

The Treasury shall not authorise any expenditure which may cause an exoess upon the aggregate sums appropriated by this Act for naval services and for army services respectively.

Sanction for navy and army expenditure for 1894-95 unprovided for.5. Whereas the Treasury, under the powers vested in them by the Appropriation Act, 189457 & 58 Vict. c. 59 have authorised expenditure not provided for in the sums appropriated by the said Act to certain votes for naval and military services for the year ended on the thirty-first day of March one thousand eight hundred and ninety-