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Land Law (Ireland) Act, 1896.

Ch. 47.


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(d.) The rentcharge shall be reserved in the vesting order, but the purchase annuity shall have priority over such rentcharge:
(e.) The Land Commission may, if satisfied with the security, make a further advance for the redemption of the rentcharge in like manner as for the purchase of the holding:
(f.) Where a holding is sold under this section the powers conferred by the Land Purchase Acts and this Act for the apportionment of charges shall extend to an apportionment of charges between the purchase money and the rentcharge, and the provisions of section fifteen of the Land Law (Ireland) Act, 1887 50 & 51 Vict., with respect to the acceptance by an incumbrancer of the purchase money in part discharge of his incumbrance shall apply as if the rentcharge were other lands within the meaning of those provisions.

Terms of redemption of tithe rentcharge in case of sale. 37.— (I.) Where the Land Commission, in pursuance of section fifteen of the Land Law (Ireland) Act, 1887 50 & 51 Vict. c.33.}, order the redemption of tithe rentcharge at a price not less than twenty times the net amount of such tithe rentcharge, after making such deduction in of sale, respect of rates as is provided by section seven of the Irish Church Act, 1869, Amendment Act, 1872 50 & 51 Vict. c.70, the consent of the Treasury shall not be required to such redemption.

(2.) The foregoing enactment shall not apply to any annual sum payable to the Land Commission under section thirty-two of the Irish Church Act, 1869 32 & 33 Vict. c. 42., as amended by any other Act, but the Land Commission may order the redemption of such tithe rent at a sum calculated on the basis of the annual sum being for a term of forty-five instead of fifty-two years.

Slae of holding by Land Commission. 38.—(1.) The Land Commission upon the sale of a holding under Sale of holding section thirty of the Land Law (Ireland) Act, 188144 & 45 Vict. c. 49., or under any power of sale, may sell the holding in lots.

(2.) Section fifteen of the Purchase of Land (Ireland) Act, 1885 48 & 49 Vict. c. 73, as amended by this Act, shall extend to a sale of a holding by the Land Commission, as successors to the Commissioners of Church Temporalities in Ireland.

(3.) Where a holding is subject to the future payment of an annuity, and the Land Commission sell it in lots, or in the exercise of their powers under the Land Purchase Acts authorise the subdivision of the holding, the Land Commission may apportion the annuity in such manner as they deem expedient, or may, if they think fit, make an order discharging any such portion of the holding as aforesaid from any further liability for such annuity, or any part thereof, or any arrears thereof.

(4.) Where the Land Commission sell a holding, the purchase money shall, subject to the provisions of section thirty of the Land Law (Ireland) Act 44 & 45 Vict. c. 49., 1881, be paid and distributed as if it were the purchase money of a holding sold by a landlord to a tenant.

Amendment of 54 & 55 Vict c.48 s. 5. (2)(b) as to money for labourers cottages.}}39. The power conferred on the Lord Lieutenant by sub-section (2) of section five of the Purchase of Land (Ireland) Act, 1891, to make regulations for the application of the moneys therein mentioned towards the cost of providing labourers cottages is hereby