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Ch. 47.Land Law (Ireland) Act, 1896.

59 & 60 Vict.

Part IV.


Congested Districts Board.

Purchase and sale by Congested Districts Board under the Land Purchase Acts.43.—(1.) Where the Congested Districts Board have agreed to purchase land, whether in a congested districts county or elsewhere, the Land Commission, on a request from the Board Board under stating the congested districts county for the benefit of which the the Land is purchased, and the amount of the purchase-money, shall be subject as in this section mentioned advance the purchase-money to the Board in like manner as if the Board were a tenant purchasing his holding under the Land Purchase Acts as amended by this Act.

(2.) The advance shall not be made, if it exceeds, or together with any previous advance on account of the county for the benefit of which the land is purchased not repaid or written off will exceed, twenty-five times the share of the county in the interest on the church surplus grant (referred to in section thirty-five of the Purchase of Land (Ireland) Act, 1891) 54 & 55 Vict. c.48, after deducting from that share any prior charges, whether under this section or otherwise, including such proportion of contingent charges under Part Two of the Purchase of Land (Ireland) Act, 1891 54 & 65 Vict. c.48., as the Treasury may fix.

(3.) The advance shall be repaid by the board by an annuity of the same amount, and involving the same interest and sum for repayment of capital, as if it were an annuity payable by a tenant purchasing his holding, and the amount of such annuity shall be deducted by the Land Commission from the interest on the church surplus grant.

(4.) Where the Land Commission make an advance to a tenant for the purchase of his holding from the Congested Districts Board, the amount of the advance shall be written off the debt due from the Board for advances made to them on account of the congested districts county for the benefit of which the Board purchased the land, in such manner as may be arranged between the Land Commission and the Board, and shall be treated as the redemption of a proportionate part of the annuities payable by the Board to the Land Commission.

(5.) Where land is purchased by the Congested Districts Board for the benefit of more than one congested districts county, the Board shall state in their request to the Land Commission the proportion of the purchase money which is to be treated as being advanced for the benefit of each county.

(6.) The Land Commission shall not make any advance in respect of any purchase by a tenant from the Bowl of a small holding, as defined in the Purchase of Land (Ireland) Act, 1891.54 & 55 Vict, c. 48 The Congested Districts Board shall not buy any land held under a lease for a term of years of which less than sixty are unexpired at the time of the sale, unless they hold or buy the reversion expectant upon the determination of such lease.

Sales by Congested District board of smallholdings otherwise than Land Purchase Act 44.—(1.) The Congested Districts Board may sell land to a tenant of a small holding for the price agreed upon, and credit the purchaser with the whole or any part of the purchase money,