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Land Law (Ireland) Act, 1896.

Ch. 47.


14 . The foliowing improvements included in enumeration in paragraph No. 7 were made or acquired by the tenant or his predecessors in title, and are exempted from rent.

15 . For what rights (if any) referred to in answers to query No. 11 has an addition been made to the rent? .

16. Upon what assumption with regard to the respective liabilities of landlord and tenant as to rates and taxes mentioned in answers to query No. 12, has the judicial rent been fixed? To be signed by Legal and Lay Assistant-Commissioners.

17. The annual sum which should be the fair rent of the holding on the assumption that all improvements thereon were made or acquired by the landlord.

18. The fair rent of the holding.

19. If tenancy has been purchased since the Land Act, 1870, give date and amount of purchase money on each sale.

20. What changes of rent have been proved in evidence?

To be signed by Legal Assistant Commissioner alone.


Section 52

Acts Repealed.

Session and Chapter. Short Title Extent of Repeal.
33 & 34 Vict. c. 46 Landlord and Tenant (Ireland) Act,1870. Section thirty-five.
44 & 45 Vict. c.49. Land Law (Lreland) Act, 1881. In section eight, sub-section (2), from "as from the period" down to "decision of the court," and subsection (3;, from "from the rent day " down to "has been given."
    Section twenty-four, from " s follows" to "fair rent for the holding," being the end of sub-section (1).
    In section twenty-six from "he Land Commission may advance" down to "payable by the tenant", being sub-section (4).
    Section twenty-eight from the beginning down to "purchaser therein mentioned," being sub-sections (1) and (2}.
    In section thirty, sub-section (3), from, "on the terms" down to "1870," where that figure next occurs, and from "and shall pay" down to "receive the same."
    Section thirty-three.
    In section fifty-eight, sub-section (1), sub-section (2) down to "home farne or" and sub-sections (3) and (4)