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Light Railways Act, 1896.

Ch. 48.


levied accordingly as expenses for a special county purpose under the Local Government Act, 1888. 51 & 52 Vict, c. 41.

(2.) Where the council of any county, borough, or district are authorised to expend any money by an order authorising a light railway under this Act, they may raise the money required, —

(a) if the expenditure is capital expenditure, by borrowing in manner authorised by the order; and
(b) if the expenditure is not capital expenditure, as if it was on account of the expenses of an application under this Act.

(3.) The Board of Trade may from time to time on the application of any council extend, subject to the limitations of this Act, the limit of the amount which the council are authorised by an order under this Act to borrow, or to advance to a light railway company, and the limit so extended shall be substituted for the limit fixed by the order.

(4.) Where an order under this Act authorises any council to borrow for the purposes of a light railway, suitable provision shall be made in the order for requiring the replacement of the money borrowed within a fixed period not exceeding sixty years, either by means of a sinking fund or otherwise.

(5.) Any profits made by a council in respect of a light railway shall be applied in aid of the rate out of which the expenses of the council in respect of the light railway are payable.

(6.) Where a rate is levied for meeting any expenditure under this Act, the demand note for the rate shall state, in a form prescribed by the Local Government Board, the proportion of the rate levied for that expenditure.

Joint committees 17.—(1.) The councils of any county, borough, or district, may appoint a joint committee for the purpose of any application for an order authorising a light railway under this Act, or for the joint construction or working of a light railway, or for any other purpose in connexion with such a railway for which it is convenient that those councils should combine.

(2.) The provisions of the Local Government Act, 1888 59 & 58 Vict. c 41. or of the Local Government Act, 1894 56 & 57 Vict c.73, as the case may be, with respect to joint committees, shall apply to any joint committee appointed for the purpose of this Act by any councils who could appoint a joint committee under those Act, but where the councils have no power under those Acts to appoint a joint committee the provisions in the Third Schedule to this Act shall apply.

Working of ordinary railway as light railway18. Where a company have power to construct or work a railway, they may be authorised by an order under this Act to construct and work or to work the railway or any part of it as a light railway under this Act.

Power of owners to grant land or advance money for a light railway.19.—(1.) Where any person has power, either by statute or Power of otherwise, to sell and convey any land for the purpose of any owners to grant works of a light railway, he may, with the sanction of the Board of Agriculture given under this section, convey the land for that for a light purpose either without payment of any purchase money or compensation or at a price less than the real value, and may so convey it free from all incumbrances thereon.