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A.D. 1896.]

Classified List of the Local and Private Acts.


Class 2.— Canals, Rivers, Navigations, Tunnels, and Subways.

  • Boyne Navigation Transfer. Ch. xcvi.
  • Manchester Ship Canal. Cb. clxxxii.
  • North Metropolitan Railway and Canal. Ch. dxxxiv.
  • Kibble Navigation. Ch. cliv.
  • Weaver Navigation. Ch. cliii.

[For Acts confirming Provisional Orders under the Merchant Shipping Act, 1894, and Railway and Canal Traffic Act, 1888, see Class 19 (12), (16).]

Class 3.— Charitable Foundations and Institutions.

  • Customs' Annuity and Benevolent Fund. Ch. xiv.
  • Foyle College. Ch. cxxxi.
  • Manchester Corporation (Transfer of Monsall Hospital), Ch. lxiv.
  • Ogilvie Meal Charity. Ch. clxxx.
  • Waterford Infirrmary. Ch. xxii.

Class 4.— Drainages and Drainage Embankments.


[For Acts confirming Provisioned Orders under the Drainage and Improvement of Lands (Ireland) Act, 1863, and Land Drainage Act, 1861, see Class 19 (2), (9).]

Class 5.— Ecclesiastical Affairs, including Tithes.

  • Falmouth Rectory. Ch. cxxiv.

Class 6.— Estates.

  • Chambers. Ch. ii.
  • Wolverton. Ch. i.

Class 7.— Fisheries.

  • Whitstable Oyster Fishery. Ch. xli.

Class 8.— Gaslight Companies and Undertakings.

  • Aldershot Gas and Water. Ch. clxxviii.
  • Barry Urban District Council. Ch. ccxlv.
  • Bexhill Water and Gas. Ch. lvii.
  • Bilston Improvement. Ch. ccxxxix.
  • Bournemouth Gas and Water. Ch. cxcvi.
  • British Gas Light Company Limited (Norwich). Ch. xxxviii.
  • Cheltenham. Ch. xiii.
  • Colwyn Bay and District Ch. lviii.
  • Cowes. Ch. lx.
  • Edinburgh Extension (Transfer to Corporation of Portobello Gasworks). Ch. cciii.