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to the


59 & 60 VICTORIA.— A.D. 1896.

Note. — The capital letters placed after the chapter here the following signification :—
E. that the Act relates to England (and Wales, if it so extend).
S. "" Scotland exclusively.
I. "" Ireland exclusively.
E. & I. "" England and Ireland.
E. & S. "" England and Scotland.
U.K. "" Great Britain and Ireland (and Colonies, if it so extend).
Ind. "" India specially.
C. "" The Colonies specially, or any of them.
* Several Public Acts of a Local Character which have been placed among the Local Acts are included in this Index. These Acts are distinguished by their Chapters being given in Roman Numerals.

Aberdeen Improvement Scheme Provisional Order Confirmation

See Table II., c. vi.

Acts of Parliament

See Collecting Societies and Industrial Assurance Companies Act (c. 26); Expiring Laws Continuance Act (c. 39); Friendly Societies Act (c. 25); Short Titles Act (c. 14).

—— Provision as to printing of future copies.

See Public Health (Ireland) Act . (c. 54, s. 33 (2j).

Administration of Justice See

  • Burglary.
  • Larceny.
  • Liverpool Court of Passage.
  • London Cab..
  • Quarter Sessions (London).
  • Stannaries Court (Abolition).
  • Vexatious Actions.