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A.D. 1896.]

Index to the Public General Acts.


Coal Mines Regulation:

To amend the Coal Mines Regulation Act 1887. Ch. 43. U.K.Page 357.

§ 1. Special rules.
2. Representation of workmen on arbitration.
3. Plan of mine in working.
4. Plan of abandoned mine.
5. Amendment of general roles as to lamps,inspection, and tamping.
6. Provision as to explosives.
7. Short title.

Cocoa Butter. Imposition of Duty on. See Finance Act (c. 28 s. 7).

Collecting Societies and Industrial Assurance Companies:

To consolidate the Enactments relating to Friendly Societies and Industrial Assurance Companies which receive Contributions and Premiums by means of Collectors. Ch. 26. U.K. Page 309.

§ 1. Application of Act.
2. Copies of roles and policies.
3. Notice before forfeiture.
4. Transfers withoot written consent.
5. General meetings.
6. Balance sheets and annoa! retoms.
7. Dispotes.
8. Disabilities of collector.
9. Name of collecting societies.
10. Foregoing provisions to be contained in roles.
11. Exemption from foregoing provisions.
12. Inspectors, special meetings, and dissolution of collecting societies.
13. Assurances on children's lives by industrial assurance companies.
14. Offences.
15. Fine for falsification.
16. Notices.
17. Interpretation.
18. Repeals.
19,20. Commencement ; extent of Act ; short title and Construction.

Commissioners of Works. See Edinburgh General Register House Act (c. 24); Public Offices (Westminster) Site Act (c. 23).

Commons Regulation (Darwen) Provisional Order Confirmation. See Table II., c. clxxiv.


To make better provision for the Prevention and Settlement of Trade Disputes. Ch. 30. U.K. Page 330.

§ 1. Registration and powers of conciliation boards.
2. Powers of Board of Trade as to trade disputes.
3. Exclusion of 52 & 53 Vict. c. 49.
4. Power for Board of Trade to aid in establishing conciliation boards.
5. Report to Parliament.
6. Expenses.
7, 8. Repeal; short title.

Congested Districts.

See Agricultural Rates, Congested Districts, And Burgh Land Tax Relief (Scotland) Act (c 37); Land Law (Ireland) Act (c. 47, Part IV.).

Consolidated Fund:

(No. 1.) To apply certain sums out of the Consolidated Fund to the service of the years ending on the 31st March 1896 and 1897. Ch. 3. U.K.Page 4.

(No. 2.) To apply a sum out of the Consolidated Fund to the service of the year ending on the 3lst March 1897. Ch. 7. U. K. Page 8.