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Index to the Public General Acts.

[59 & 60 Vict.

Land Law (Ireland)continued.

§32. Framing of and dispensing with vesting order and registration of title on purchase.
33. As to redemption or apportionment of annuities, rentcharges, &c., under 50 & 51 Vict. c. 33. ss. 15, 10.
34. As to easements. &c., when vesting order is made.
35. Liability for arrears of rent, and interest on purchase money after agreement to purchase.
36. Advances for purchase of holding subject to a rentcharge.
37. Terms of redemption of tithe rentcharge in case of sale.
38. Sale of holding by Land Commission.
39. Amendment of 54 & 55 Vict. c. 48. s. 5 (2) (6) as to money for labourers cottages.
40. Sales under the Landed Estates Court Act.
41. Appeals under Land Purchase Act
42. Powers of mortgagee.

Part IV.—Congested Districts Board.

43. Purchase and sale by Congested Districts Board under the Land Purchase Acts.
44. Sales by Congested Districts Board of small holdings otherwise than under Land Purchase Acts.
45. Rules for Part of Act.

Part V.—Evicted Tenants.

46. Re-enactment with modifications of 54 & 55 Vict. c. 48. s. 13.
47. Application to Land Commission for reinstatement of tenant or for purchase of holding.

Part VI.—Supplemental.

48. Definitions.
49. Saving of Ulster tenant right custom.
50. Application and construction of Parts of Act.
51,52. Short title; repeal.

Land Tax Partial remission of, &c. See Finance Act (c. 28, Part VI.).


To amend the Law with respect to the Jurisdiction excrciscable in Cases relating to the Receipt or Possession of Stolen Property. Ch. 52. E. & I. Page 435.

Law Agents (Scotland) Act Amendment:

To amend the Law relating to Law Agents and Notaries Public practising in Scotland. Ch. 19. S. Page 427.

Life Assurance Companies (Payment into Court):

To enable Life Assurance Companies to pay money into Court in certain cases. Ch. 8. E. & I. Page 9.

Light Railways:

To facilitate the Construction of Light Railways in Great Britain. Ch.48. E.& S. Page 413.

§1. Establishment of Light Railway Commission.
2. Application for orders authorising light railways.
3. Powers of local authorities under order.
4, 5. Loans and special advances by Treasury.
6. Limitation on amount of advance and provision of money by National Debt Commissioners.
7. Consideration of application by Light Railway Commissioners.
8. Submission of order to Board of Trade for confirmation.
9, 10. Consideration and confirmation of order by Board of Trade.