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Index to the Public General Acts.

[59 & 60 Vict.

Pensions. See Superannuation.

Pier and Harbour Orders Confirmation. See Table II , c. xciv. (No. 2) ; c. cxxi. (No. 4) ; c. clxxvi (No. 3) ; c. clxxvii. (No. 5).

Piers and Harbours. See Orkney and Zetland Small Piers and Harbours Act (c. 32).

Pilotage Order Confirmation. See Table II., c. xcvii. (London and English Channel).

Poor Law Guardians (Ireland) (Women):

To enable Women to be elected and act as Poor Law Guardians in Ireland. Page 6.

Poor Law Officers Superannuation:

To provide for Superannuation Allowances to Poor Law Officers and Servants, and for Contributions towards such Allowances by such Officers and Servants; and to make other relative provisions. Ch. 60. E. Page 428.

§1. Short title and commencement of Act.
2 Title of officers and servants to superannuation allowances.
3, 4, 5. Scale of superannuation allowances; reckoning service; power to add a number of years in certain cases.
6. Case of subsequent appointment.
7. Forfeiture for fraud, &c.
8. Return of contributions and power to grant gratuities and superannuation allowances in certain cases.
9. Notice of proposed grant of allowance.
10. Allowance not assignable.
11. Annual returns to Local Government Board.
12. Obligation of officers and servants to contribute.
13 Scale of contributions.
14 Application of Act to district schools and asylums.
15 Saving for existing officers and servants.
16, 17 Provisions in case of paid collectors and superintendent registrars.
18. Power of Local Government Board to decide questions.
19–21. Definitions; repeal; extent of Act

Poor Relief (Ireland). See Dispensary Committees (Ireland) Act (c. 10).

Port Sanitary Authority. See Public Health (Ireland) Act (c. 64, 88. 9–14); Public Health (Ports) Act (c. 20).

Provisional Orders See Labourers (Ireland) Act (c. 53, s. 2) ; Light Railways Act (c. 48, ss. 8–11, 24) ; Public Health (Ireland) Act (c. 54, ss. 9, 10).

——— Confirmation See

  • Abebdeen Improvement Scheme.
  • Bonnybridge, &c. Water.
  • Brine Pumping (Compensation for Subsidence).
  • Canal Bates, Tolls, and Charges.
  • Commons Regulation (Dabwen).
  • Culter Water.
  • Cupar Water.
  • Dalmeny and Kirkliston Water.
  • Drainage and Improvement of Lands (Ireland).
  • Education Department.
  • Electric Lighting.
  • Gas.
  • Gas and Water.
  • Kelty Water.
  • Land Drainage.