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"'A uniform coat of fine green cloth, value 7 roubles.

"'White cloth trousers.."5 roubles.

"'Twelve shirts of Dutch linen, with ruffles, 10 roubles.

"'A case containing a tea service"2½ roubles.'"

"What rubbish!" interrupted Pougatcheff. "What do I care about tea cases and trousers with ruffles!"

Savelitch cleared his throat, and proceeded to explain.

"Deign to understand, my little father, that it is an inventory of the gentleman's property, stolen by the wretches . . ."

"What wretches?" said Pougatcheff, angrily.

"I beg your pardon, a slip of the tongue," replied Savelitch. "The wretches are not wretches; but thy boys have, for all that, rummaged and plundered. Do not get angry: a horse has four legs, and yet he stumbles. Now order him to read on."

"Read to the end," said Pougatcheff.

The secretary continued:

"'One cotton counterpane, another of wadded silk, value 4 roubles.

"'A fox fur pelisse, covered with red ratteen, value 40 roubles.

"'Also, a hare-skin touloup, given to thy grace at the wayside inn, value 15 roubles.'"

"What is that?" exclaimed Pougatcheff, with fire in his eyes.

I felt alarmed for the safety of my poor servant. He was about to resume his explanations, but Pougatcheff interrupted him.