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Rocket Manufacture, from Frézier's "Feu d'Artifice," 1747 94

Manner of making and representing Flowers, etc., in the
Chinese Fireworks, from the "Universal Magazine"
of 1764 100

An Old Firework Bill:—Programme of Mr. Brock's
Superior Fireworks at Ipswich, 1818 114

Rocket Charging } 116
Filling Roman Candles }

Types of Compound Fireworks:—Lattice Poles, Chromatrope,
Lattice Diamond 128

A Display ready for Firing, Dresden, 1899 134

Diagram illustrating the evolution of Pyrotechnic Composition,
showing their periods of use 140

Roman Candles—illustrating brilliance of aluminium compositions 150

The Late Wing-Commander Brock, R.N.A.S. 166

Smoke Float in action 168

Crystal Palace—By the light of a Magnesium Shell 178

End Papers:—Feu d'artifice a Versailles pour le Mariage
du Dauphin. Two displays from the original watercolour
drawings by Morel Torré, 1735