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Snake Expedition, 1825-1826 357 Friday, March 24th. Retraced back our steps to the en- trance of Raft River. Saw another Snake camp of 200 who wintered with the Americans and carry an American flag. They had 60 guns and ammunition not scarce. It was this camp that destroyed Mr. Reid and party, on Sandwich Islands, ID Americans and pillaged free men two years since. They informed me the American camp of 25 tents were on Bear's River and it is a month since they left. This day 36 beaver and one otter. Saturday, March 25th. The Snakes continued to move. I had no idea the Snakes were so numerous. The Plains Snakes, said to be 1000 men, annually go to the Spanish settlements to trade and steal horses. The Lower Snakes are not less than 1500 men, independent of women and children. The Black- feet steal great numbers of horses from them ; they retaliate in kind; they have 150 guns. Our horses are well guarded, day and night. No less than 13 traps stolen by the natives. Forty-five beaver this day. Tuesday, March 28th. Course northeast. We reach the Falls, commonly known as the American Falls ; not high, about 10 feet ; tracks of Indians, supposed to be Blackfeet, as we are now in their territory. Forty-two beaver today. Wednesday, March 29th. At the break of day, the morning watch called us to arms; Blackfeet," resounded from one end of camp to the other; horses were scarcely secured when they were in sight and advanced slowly singing, but not with bad intention ; bows unstrung, cases on their guns, we advanced to receive them, when the chief came forward and presented his hand. I was surprised to recognize an old acquaintance of mine in this chief. They were soon seated and requested to speak. They informed me they left the Saskatchewan in December last and were in quest of the Snakes tO' steal horses ; they discovered our men last night and did not venture

to come to the camp ; the truth is, they found our horses too----