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he thinks that if the son marries outside the caste that will create difficulties for the marriage of his daughter Nikki Subramaniam then starts negotiation for Janaki’s marriage with a South Indian boy. Anand goes to Janaki and asks her to delay the negotiations for about a month or two till Nikki’s marriage is over after which he would marry Janaki.


Janaki feels completely let down and when she goes home she is given a serious rebuke by her father. In utter frustration Janaki decides to commit suicide and leaves suicide note. She proceeds to Jamuna river. Before she is able to jump into the river she is saved by Sadhu Ram, a Punjabi Ghee Merchant, and a friend of Subramaniam Sadhu Ram scoffs at the people’s preference for provincialism and their lack of appreciation of intrinsic human values. Be takes Janaki to his own house and tells Daulat Ram that she is her niece and on that basis negotiates for the marriage of Janaki with Anand. Daulat Ram accepts the proposal because Janaki appears as a Punjabi girl on receiving the suicide note Subramaniam feels extremely sorry and realises his mistake. In the meanwhile when Daulat Ram returns to his house he finds Ashok Banerjee on very intimate terms with Nikki Daulat Ram gets furious and turns out Ashok from his house. Thereafter Daulat Ram arranges the marriage of his daughter Nikki with the son of one Girdhari Lal. After the marriage party comes to the house of Daulat Ram, Girdhari Lal insists upon Rs. 15,000 as dowry from Daulat Ram. Daulat Ram does not have such a large sum of money and implores Girdhari Lal not to insist and to save his honour but Girdhari Lal is adamant. Daulat Ram tries to enlist the support of his caste men but no one is prepared to oblige him. At this juncture Ashok Banerjee appears on the scene and offers his mother’s jewellery to Daulat Ram to be given in dowry to Girdhari Lal and thus seeks to save the honour of Daulat Ram. This act of Ashok Banerjee brings about a great mental change in the attitude of Daulat Ram, who stops Nikki’s marriage with Girdhari Lal’s son and turns them out along with the men of his brotherhood. Daulat Ram declares his happiness that he has found a bigger brotherhood, namely, the Indian brotherhood and asks Ashok to marry Nikki at the same marriage Pandal. At that time Sadhu Ram requests Daulat Ram that Mohini who is none other than Janaki should also be married to Anand. Sadhu Ram discloses the true identity of Janaki and then Daulat Ram realises his short—sightendness and welcomes the idea of the marriage of Anand with Janaki. Subramaniam who is present there feels extremely happy and blesses the proposed marriage. Ashok and Nikki as also Anand and Janaki are then married and thus the film ends.

Analysing the story of the film it would appear that it protrays three main themes: (1) Two aspects of provincialism viz, the role of provincialism in regard to marriage and in regard to renting out accommodation (2) Evils of a caste ridden society, and (3) the evils of dowry. So far as the last two aspects are concerned they do not figure at all in the play written by the plaintiff/appellant. A close


perusal of the script of the film clearly shows that all the three aspects mentioned above are integral parts of the story and it is very difficult to divorce one from the other without affecting the beauty and the continuity of the script of the film. Further, it would appear that the treatment of the story of the fills in many respects different from the story contained in the play.