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appropriated a third or a fourth part thereof to tillage—using every means in their power to augment the value of their stock and annual produee by raising natural and artifieial grasses, of greatest bulk and bcst quality.

The rapidity with which the manufacture of Dunlop cheese was introduced into the northern district of this shire is a striking instance of the readiness with which farmers are always disposed to follow the example of one of their own rank. When an equal, depending like themselves, for subsistance in industry, prospers by means of a new project or successful plan of management, the whole neighbourhood cagerly imitates the example set before them, and the change becomes universal, while on the contrary, if the improvement is attempted to be introduced by some rich proprietor, from motives of caprice, as thcy suppose, and with means which they cannot so wcll command, it always makes its way slowly, and with difficulty. It is thus that Providencc sometimes puts it in the power of a person in the humblest station, to become extcnsivcly uscful to society. The example of his successful industry and ingenuity, by communicating a spirit of activity and entcrprize, proves a souree of wealth and comfort to the whole eommunity

Not only has our Ayrshire checse been widely celebrated and cnquired after—our Cunningham dairy stock has attracted universal regard—breeding samples thereof have been introduced into every corner of the united kingdom, thcy have also been exported unto almost evcry civilised nation on the globe. At no vcry remotc pcriod, as some of you recollect, the cattlc of this district were poor half-starved, ill favoured creatures, with black skins and white riggings, fired backs, the hooks on their cycs, and the worm in their tail; and constantly liable to bc shot by elves and other malicious invisible agents. Whence the grateful changc now? I answer, it is happly produced by skill and industry. I do not say that man can create, but he has the power to alter, modify, scparate, and combine, every tangible substancc in nature, into whatever shape or purposc he pleases.