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Why, I wouldn't give a centime for all of your chances, unless you can square it, someway, with the king. There's no use for you to fight. You are probably pretty good, and used to it ; but fifty men can't do anything against—say—five thou- sand good, husky peasants armed with everything from a blunderbuss to a high-powered, flat tra- jectory rifle. They'd get you, sure! The only thing for you chaps to do is to lay down your hands. "

He cocked his head sidewise and paused, in a listening attitude, for again he heard the horn, quite distinctly now. His suspense grew and with it ran his resolution to hold this mob to the last moment.

"Don't pay any attention to him!'* shouted Ubaldo. "Don't be fools!"

"Why, that's what Provarsk called you," Kent said, plaintively. "He said that if you had had the wisdom of a garden worm, everything would have been all right. And he said "

"Shut up!" yelled Ubaldo, menacingly, drop- ping his hand to the hilt of his sword. "I'll run you through if you don't! You men keep quiet. Hear what I've got to say. You don't know but what this old paralytic is a liar, sent here by the king to blindfold you !"

The crowd glared at the American as if this

suggestion had not hitherto dawned upon them.