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silenced by Kent, who turned toward him and said, " Steady! Steady, Baron. You needn't worry. You will be cared for later in this this- reconstruction."

"But—but—" hesitated the king, vastly dis- tressed, "Baron Von Glutz has been my mentor since my boyhood, and was the chancellor of Marken under my father ! "

"Doubtless his administrative excellence ac- counts for Marken's present peaceful condition; and also for our unexpected meeting across the border, then!" Kent said, suavely. "But as I understood you, sir "

Provarsk interrupted with a sneering laugh and exclaimed, "Pshaw! I might have known it. It is you who ask me to be chancellor, Eh? All right! I accept. Under you ; but not under His Majesty.. But pray tell me why I am thus honoured?"

"Honoured? Well, for several reasons. One that it's not so messy as to have you taken out and hanged. Another that you still represent to me a sporting proposition and I like fearless men who go out after a thing when they want it. It's been a long time since I have met such an interest- ing sort of a personage as you seem to be, and, in- asmuch as His Majesty wants me to remain with him for a time as an advisor, I'd like to see what

you can do whether you can get the best of us."