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smoothing banker down with promises. Tells him he's to be Minister of Treasury some day and not too many questions asked. Banker appears satisfied. The baron has an idea "

He was interrupted by Kent, who had arisen, walked behind him and now took the glasses from his hand and said, " Never mind the remainder. I've only got an hour in which to move. Go and get Paulo and bring him back with you on the jumpĀ ! And, hold on a minuteĀ ! As you go out to get him, order my car brought around and kept in waiting at the private door. Also, as soon as you've brought Paulo here, don't wait, but skip over to your room and arm yourself, and bring a gun for me. Just as well be prepared. Hurry, Ivan! We've got quite an uncertain job."

After Ivan had rushed from the room, he daw- dled back toward his desk, stood above it for a moment, carefully sorted the lists and papers, and then, with hands in trousers' pockets, sat on the corner, swung his leg, and carelessly hummed a tune as if perfectly satisfied with all things. Only his eyes betrayed any excitement, and they danced as happily as those of a boy just starting on some wild adventure. But when Paulo, eager to be of service to this leader whom he trusted and ad- mired, came through the door, he lost no time in beckoning him to his private office where he leaned

forward and mumbled hasty instructions, check-