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"I mean that the only way in which affairs can be straightened out is to at once counteract every- thing this fellow Kent has done, and if I had my way he wonld be taken out and shot before the day is over."

At his callons indifference to either justice or life, she gasped, and eyed him with a wide stare. Provarsk wondered if, in overlooking the complex- ities of a woman's mind, he had not made a mis- take; but he was still daring to hope to turn the situation to his own advantage. "If I am to be an actual chancellor, " he began suavely, but was cut short by the princess.

"Which, no matter what happens, you are not to be, and so of course is all useless to talk about ! You would have Mr. Kent shot ! You ! Why, the worst blunders he ever made are sure to be bet- ter than the best things you have ever done. You have told what you would do if you had your way. Well, I'll tell you what I would have done if I had mine! I'd have you booted into the street and through the Market Place. Kent? Whatever else Mr. Kent is, he is a man. No matter if he has made mistakes, and is a money lender, and all that, he is still a real man and unafraid. Who are you, to talk about having him shot?"

She faced her brother as if her last contemp- tuous gibe at Provarsk had been her final one

for him, and saw that her brother's eyes were