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People don't have to be forced when they do things through respect and affection. They do them because they want to. Because it's natural for them to do so. Our task now is to win their affection without losing their respect. You could do some very good work in that direction. It would help, materially. It might, sometime, Your Boyal Highness, avert a serious crisis."

"You mean?" she asked earnestly.

"I mean that in the past there has been too much royalty here and not enough people; that the time has come when a let us say a very small place like Marken must begin to wear its clothes differently. When its royal house must stop trying to ape the emperors and kings and -czars of great and powerful nations; drop the royal splendour pretence, and begin to make itself & power in its own way, on new lines, and let all others think whatever they please and be perfectly indifferent to what they do think. You've got to forget that you are a princess, and try to make friends out there. Every one of those women working in the fields, every girl out there of your age, has just as many perplexities, and sorrows, and hopes, and ambitions as you have. They've got just as much right to live and to hope. Doubt- less some of their sorrows and some of their hopes would seem ridiculous to you. Doubtless a lot of

your sorrows and hopes would look equally ridic-