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You make them earn what they get and at the same time take good care to get yours."

"To be sure I do!" Kent agreed heartily. " That is your great weakness, Baron, your philan- thropy. You should take a lesson from me, and learn how to get your own profits first."

"I am trying to prove an apt pupil," the chan- cellor responded. "I've always wanted money. You have taught me several ways of getting it."

"Quite possible," declared Kent, almost with enthusiasm.

Provarsk pleaded the necessity for greeting some one, and after a very low bow to the prin- cess, and a light salute to the American, sauntered away. She stood with a frown on her face and watched him. Kent, after a moment's wait, laughed quietly.

" Isn J t he fine ? " he asked. ' < I rather like that chap. If he could only run straight, he might go a long way. He 's got the assurance of a pet Tom- cat, the persistence of a flea, and I don't believe he knows what fear is."

"I hate him!" exclaimed the princess.

"That never pays. It's a waste of time," he declared; and then suddenly shifting the subject, said, "Will you permit me to congratulate you on your hospital plan! It is something that has been needed here. I have been watching your

work. You have done as I thought you might—