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I came here to keep John Rhodes from losing his money. I did. Neither of us should be ashamed of the truth."

"But what of all the other things you have done?" she asked, curiously.

"The others don't matter. I have advised your brother as best I could because I liked him. He has very fine ideals. He has become a good king, and in time will become a great one. It was in him all the time; but he needed some one whom he trusted to give him plain horse-sense, and shape him to practicability. I don't really see how I could have acted differently."

"He gives you far more credit than you take," she said. "I think sometimes I am a little jealous of you. He talks of you so much. His enthusiasms are so great. He has changed so much. You and his work have absorbed him, and I am neglected ! Treated like a child. No longer advised with or consulted. They all treat me that way, now ! Not even Baron Von Glutz, or Paulo, can spare me a minute 's time. I want to be something more than a doll baby in the affairs of Marken ! "

"You are," he assured her, earnestly. "They recognise the part you have undertaken. They believe it as important as anything they are doing. You must not bother them. Keep a stiff upper lip and hoe your own row well!"

The princess gasped. It was the first time she