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dungeons. I hope one was selected where there are plenty of rats."

Kent looked at the leader of the mercenaries who stood stockily by him, and whose protruding eyes batted themselves at intervals and were de- void of expression.

"He's got to be taken out of that dungeon," Kent said, emphatically.

"To quote one of your own phrases, Nothing doing!' : ' retorted the conspirator.

"All right! Nothing doing in the combination line, either," stubbornly returned the American.

Provarsk grinned at him with the kindliness of a hungry wolf; but influenced by his prisoner's fearless stare, paused to consider.

"I'll tell you what I'll do," said Kent, "I'll compromise. You have your friends put Ivan in a comfortable cell, and I'll not only give you the combination, but my parole. I'll agree that you can take me to my own room, and that I'll not leave there without first notifying you that I in- tend to do so. How's that?"

"This is to be a gentleman's agreement, is it, Kent?" Provarsk asked.

"It is."

"All right," the conspirator replied, "I'll ac- cept it. Whatever else you are, I'll admit your word is absolutely good. Give me the combina-