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obnoxious to His Majesty, the king, and also to me, the chancellor. Needless to say the corre- spondence I sent him proving the sale of the min- ing concession, was signed by yourself. Unmis- takably so."

Kent's eyes opened with genuine astonishment. This was a more adroit invention than he had credited Provarsk with being able to devise. He had written to Rhodes and !

"You forged my name to those letters, eh?" he asked hotly. "Well, before I'm through with you I'll "

"Do nothing! You can't; you are helpless. I've got you, this time, my smart Yankee friend, and got you in such a way that you can't escape. When I kick you out of Marken, you can take your choice; be tried by John Rhodes as a defaulter and convicted on my evidence that the letters are genuine, or put as much distance as you can be- tween yourself and your employer. That is im- material to me, either way."

"But but the king ! He will not submit to it ! " declared Kent, on the defensive.

"The king? Poof! The king will do as I say, after this; otherwise, I'll send him trailing along after you in short order."

Kent's face was impassive.

"Take him to his room and let him think it

over," ordered Provarsk, with a grin. "Good-