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orders; that he could not understand. I called him inside and closed the door, and told him to tell me all he knew. He did. He says that Pro- varsk has won over some of those adventurers he first brought here, and that they have been talk- ing to all the others in the guard room." "Did this man get any inkling of Provarsk's in- tentions ? "

"Yes. Enough to cause him and all the others that are loyal to be highly alarmed. These passed the word around that they believed they could best serve the throne and you by obeying up to a certain point. They wish to know what to do. "

"But Provarsk's intentions?" interrupted Kent, bringing the king back to the point.

"Provarsk is going to announce this morning that the mining concession has been turned over to him, wrested from you and John Ehodes in be- half of the people by him, and he will promise that hereafter the profits shall be shared by those who do the work. After that he proposes to inflame the people to demonstrate in force and demand of me that a like course shall be pursued with all other state holdings, and that those which the state does not completely own shall be returned to the original or minority owners to be run here- after without state interference. My guard gath- ered all this from stray talk made by Provarsk 's

henchmen, who, already certain of success, are be-