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Provarsk got up and began to move abont the room, much to Kent's disturbance.

"Sit down," he said. "I don't like to talk busi- ness to a man who is running a race with himself." Provarsk sat down and came straight to the point.

"I can get your transfer of that mining conces- sion whether you give it or not," he said, mean- ingly.

"In the same way you got my signatures to letters I never wrote, eh?"

"Exactly," admitted Provarsk, with a grin. "But it might save some further trouble with your employer, John Rhodes, if I actually got the transfer from you."

"I believe you are right about that," Kent agreed. "But you haven't yet explained where I come in. I'm not fool enough to believe you are doing this for the good of the state, you know." "Of course I'm not!" Provarsk declared, con- temptuously. "I'm doing it for my own good and no one's else."

"How do you propose to handle the king!" de- manded Kent.

"He'll have to do what I want him to, for the simplest of reasons, that I shall have the people behind me. He'll get nothing! He can be king. That's enough for him."

" Yes ? " said Kent, invitingly. "Now about me,