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You have already written to Rhodes. Do I get nothing, too?"

"That's just what I'm coming to," observed the baron. "You've been a good gamester, but you've lost, all the way round. You and I agree on just one thing, which is that either of us keeps his word when he can do so. That's right, isn't it?"

"Yes, I think it is."

"Then if I gave you my word as a gentleman on anything, you'd accept it, wouldn't you?"

"I think I should."

"Very well, that simplifies matters. The king has been getting ten per of the net revenues from the mines. From now on he gets nothing, and you shall have five per cent hereafter, to be for- warded to you wherever you choose to hide from Rhodes, provided that you give me that conces- sion. Only, of course, you've got to stay away from Marken. That's understood in any event."

With a studied air of deliberation Kent looked up at the ceiling, until Provarsk began to move restlessly.

The latter consulted his watch and got hastily to his feet.

"I've no further time to waste in politeness," he declared, with sharp emphasis. "I shall give

you just five minutes more in which to decide."