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not Kent leapt forward and caught him in his arms.

He picked him up as if he were of no weight, and strode across the room, followed by the prin- cess, and Ivan, whose eyes had roved from lip to lip seizing the spoken words.

"Princess Eloise," the American called anxious- ly over his shoulder, u please summon some one to help me. And also a surgeon. Send them to my private room. And and " he stammered des- perately "wait for me here!"

Her face flushed, as if, in this turmoil, she had interpreted some hidden significance in his words ; but she ran across the room, called the sentry from the corridor, and Kent heard her words.

"Send two men from the guard room at once to assist Mr. Kent. Then go quickly as fast as you can, and summon the court surgeon. Hurry! Mr. Kent asks you to. Go quickly!"

Ivan closed the door, dumbly, and the sound of her voice was cut off.

"Here, Ivan," Kent's lips moved as he turned his head toward his follower from the side of his own bed on which he had deposited the chancellor. "Help me to get his clothes off, while he is un- conscious. You should not have done this. I can't fire you, because after a fashion you and I

are pals. But I'd give a thousand dollars to be