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because I have faith in them, I surrender all arbi- trary rights of the crown and that from this time henceforth Marken is to be a liberal government, in which the people are to exercise their own judg- ment and powers, and that not even England her- self can boast of greater freedom and democracy. I Ve given them their liberty. Marken is no longer an autocracy!"

He paused, proud of the effect he had pro- duced, and saw the great approval that shone from his sister's eyes ; but, before he could proceed, the doughty old Von Glutz took up the tale.

"That's not all! He didn't tell you all!" he roared. "His Majesty ended by telling them that if they chose they could even do away with a king and make Marken a republic. That was when they first shouted so loudly, and what they yelled was, 'No! No! God save the king! God save Karl the Great ! ' And by the Lord Almighty ! They meant it ! They stormed the platform. They lifted him up and carried him in their arms. Old women cried and knelt at his feet. They held their dirty babies up for him to touch. And then some of the women began to shout, 'God save the Princess Eloise!' and that started them all off again. The king got himself heard at last and told them that the credit was not his. That they owed it all to

you, Kent. And then Karl did a fool thing. Told