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asked, was to serve as best he might, careless of reward.

"Beyond this,'* continued the voice, "you must not forget the services of as good a Minister of Treasury as has ever conducted the affairs of a people or a king, Captain Philidor Paulo."

In a cheering mood, they cheered again.

"And from now on you owe it to yourselves, and your king, to those who have done the best they could for you, to make, by continued indus- try and integrity, the kingdom of Marken great. The king has made no mistake. You were not fit to conduct yourselves a year ago. Many of you were idle, lazy and indifferent. It required the inflexibility of an autocrat to arouse you. An autocrat is, after all, but a nurse. Once the neces- sity for a nurse passes, it passes for all time. You are a nation now, known and respected by the whole world. It rests with you whether that respect shall continue, and respect is a thing that accumulates or diminishes in just proportion to your deeds. It does not stand still. The respect given a nation is not measured by the breadth of its lands, or by what it owns. It is measured by the acts of the individuals who compose it. No man dare act otherwise than as a representa- tive of his nation. On him individually rests the good name of his nation. He, as a unit, is as

responsible for its reputation, as is the king him-