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"We are sorry to disturb you," said the younger man, in apologetic French, "but we fail to find an inn. Yours was the only light. Can you direct us——"

"There is no inn open at this hour. We can perhaps accommodate you," Kent replied, and Ivan, reading his lips, lifted his eyebrows, knowing that within less than a quarter of a mile was one of late habit though excellent repute.

"Then——" The young man turned dejectedly as if to consult his companion, while Keut watched him,

"Perhaps," suggested Kent, "you could be comfortable here; you and your friend. You're welcome."

Ivan wondered at his pertinacity.

"But her High—My sister and her maid are outside," the younger man said, with faint eagerness. "My sister and her maid, and the man who their chauffeur. Can you provide for so many?"

"Easily, if you don't mind a little discomfort," was the instant response. "Bring them in. Don't keep them out there in the rain."

The elder man, with a grunt, swung round and reopened the door of the vestibule through which the younger man, as if too relieved to think for the moment of offering thanks, preceded him out into the storm.