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Popular Copyright Novels


Ask your dealer for a complete list of A. L. Burt Company's Popular Copyright Fiction

Motor Maid, The C. N. and A. M. Williamson

Moth, The William Dana Orcutt

Mountain Girl, The Payne Erskine

Mr. Bingle George Barr McCutcheon

Mr. Grex of Monte Carlo E. Phillips Oppenheim

Mr. Pratt Joseph C. Lincoln

Mr. Pratt's Patients Joseph C. Lincoln

Mrs. Red Pepper Grace S. Richmond

My Demon Motor Boat George Fitch

My Friend the Chauffeur C. N. and A. M. Wilttamson

My Lady Caprice Jeffrey Farnol

My Lady of Doubt Randall Parrish

My Lady of the North Randall Parrish

My Lady of the South Randall Parrish

Mystery Tales Edgar Allan Poe

Ne'er- Do- Well, The Rex Beach

Net, The Rex Beach

New Clarion, The Will N. Harben

Night Riders, The Ridgwell Cullum

Night Watches W. W. Jacobs

Officer 666 B. W. Carrie and A. McHugh

Once Upon a Time Richard Harding Davis

One Braver Thing Richard Dehan

One Way Tratil, The Ridgwell Cullum

Otherwise Phyllis Meredith Nicholson

Out of the Primitive Robert Ames Bennet

Pair of Silk Stockings Cyril Harcourt

Palace of Darkened Windows M. H. Bradley

Pardners Rex Beach

Parrot & Co Harold MacGrath

Partners of the Tide Joseph C. Lincoln

Passionate Friends, The H. G. Wells

Patience of John Moreland, The Mary Dillon

Patrol of the Sun Dance Trail Ralph Connor

Paul Anthony, Christian Hiram W Hayes

People's Man, A E. Phillips Oppenheim

Perch of the Devil Gertrude Atherton

Peter Ruff E. Phillips Oppenheim

Phillip Steele James Oliver Curwood

Phra the Phoenician Edwin L. Arnold