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Popular Copyright Novels


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Pidgin Island Harold MacGrath

Place of Honeymoons, The Harold MacGrath

Plunderer, The Roy Norton

Pole Baker Will N. Harben

Pool of Flame, The Louis Joseph Vane

Polly of the Circus Margaret Mayo

Poppy Cynthia Stockley

Port of Adventure C. N. and A. M. Williamson

Postmaster, The Joseph C. Lincoln

Power and the Glory, The Grace McGowan Cooke

Price of Love, The Arnold Bennett

Price of the Prairie, The Margaret Hill McCarter

Prince of Sinners, A A. Phillips Oppenheim

Princess Dehra, The John Reed Scott

Princess Passes, The C. N. and A. M. Williamson

Princess Virginia, The C. N. and A. M. Williamson

Prisoners of Chance Randall Parrish

Purple Parasol, The George Barr McCutcheon

Ranch at the Wolverine, The B. M . Bower

Ranching for Sylvia Harold Bindloss

Reason Why, The Elinor Glyn

Red Cross Girl, The Richard Harding Davis

Redemption of Kenneth Gait Will N. Harben

Red Lane, The Holman Day

Red Mist, The Randall Parrish

Red Mouse, The Wm. Hamilton Osborne

Red Pepper Burns Grace S. Richmond

Red Republic, The Robert W. Chambers

Return of Tarzan, The Edgar Rice Burroughs

Rejuvenation of Aunt Mary, The Anne Warner

Rim of the Desert, The Ada Woodruff Anderson

Rise of Roscoe Paine, The Joseph C. Lincoln

Road to Providence Maria Thompson Daviess

Robinetta Kate Douglas Wiggin

Romance of a Plain Man, The Ellen Glasgow

Rocks of Valpre, The Ethel M. Dell

Rose in the Ring, The George Barr McCutcheon

Rose of the World Agnes and Egerton Castle

Rose of Old Harpeth Maria Thompson Daviess

Hound the Corner in Gay Street C. S. Richmond