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"No, I shall leave my man Ivan to guard her. She will be as safe as if we three were here."

He was gone from the room but a few minutes and when he returned was clad in a heavy rain- coat, and carried in his hand a light sporting rifle. He was very brusque and determined in the directness with which he crossed the room, pos- sessed himself of a magazine pistol, examined the clip to make certain that it was filled, and gave an order that was entirely devoid of deference.

  • * You will now call in Captain Paulo and instruct

him," he said. "Also there must be no forget- fulness of our relative positions. You are now and hereafter to be my mouthpiece. You are still the king. You will give such orders as I give you as your own, obey my instructions, and see that they are carried out as if they were your own. You understand thoroughly?"

Both the king and chancellor bowed, the latter with a quick military salute of acquiescence.

"Summon Captain Paulo," said the king, ac- cepting his new roleĀ ; and when, in answer to the stentorian hail of the chancellor through the lat- tice, the officer appeared, the king commanded, evenly, as if nothing unusual could be found in the situation, "Captain Paulo, bring the car around to the door, headed in the opposite direc- tion. We return to our kingdom."

The officer's youthful face flashed to exultation,