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I've got so firmly fixed in the saddle that no one will dare try to upset me. I think I shall have this posted on every church and Well, what is it?" he demanded, as a sentry appeared at the door waiting for a word.

"A man to see you, sir, who insists on an im- mediate and private audience. Says you will be glad to see him at once. Here is his card, sir." He advanced and tendered a card which Pro- varsk, scowling with annoyance, took and scanned. His face changed from anger to one of amuse- ment.

"He is right, ' ' he said. " I Ve an idea that this chap and I might do some profitable business to- gether. No one I want to see so much just now. You can bring Mr. Richard Kent, agent for John Rhodes, Esq., up at once."

The sentry saluted and disappeared, and Pro- varsk turned to his lieutenant.

"I want to be left alone and undisturbed when this man comes up," he said, pointedly. When he gets in the room you go outside, shut the door after you, stand guard, to see that no one gets his ear tangled up with a crack in the door, and by the way keep your own away, too. This is going to be private businessĀ ! Strictly privateĀ ! Under- stand?"

Ubaldo grinned mirthlessly and said orders

should be obeyed. Evidently, at a pinch, he stood