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and the rest of the five hundred self-controlled (Arhats).

And on that occasion the Lord uttered the following stanzas:

21. The scion of the Kundina family, my disciple here, shall in future be a Tathâgata, a Lord of the world, after the lapse of an endless period; he shall educate hundreds of kotis of living beings.

22. After seeing many endless Buddhas, he shall in future, after the lapse of an endless period, become the Gina Samantaprabhâsa, whose field shall be thoroughly pure.

23. Brilliant, gifted with the powers of a Buddha, with a voice far resounding in all quarters, waited upon by thousands of kotis of beings, he shall preach supreme and eminent enlightenment.

24. There shall be most zealous Bodhisattvas, mounted on lofty aereal cars, and moving, meditative, pure in morals, and assiduous in doing good.

25. After hearing the law from the highest of men, they shall invariably go to other fields, to salute thousands of Buddhas and show them great honour.

26. But ere long they shall return to the field of the Leader called Prabhâsa, the Tathâgata[1]. So great shall be the power of their course (of duty).

27. The measure of the lifetime of that Sugata shall be sixty thousand Æons, and, after the complete extinction of that mighty one[2], his true law shall remain twice as long in the world.

28. And the counterfeit of it shall continue three

  1. Var. lect. 'the most high (or best) of men.'
  2. Tâyin.