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15. Ay, many kotis of years they may pass without ever having mentioned my name, the law, or my congregation. That is the fruit of sinful deeds.

16. But when mild and gentle beings are born in this world of men, they immediately see me revealing the law, owing to their good works.

17. I never speak to them of the infinitude of my action. Therefore, I am, properly, existing since long 2 , and yet declare: The 6-inas are rare (or precious).

18. Such is the glorious power of my wisdom that knows no limit, and the duration of my life is as long as an endless period ; I have acquired it after previously following a due course.

19. Feel no doubt concerning it, O sages, and leave off all uncertainty : the word I here pronounce is really true ; my word is never false.

20. For even as that physician skilled in devices, for the sake of his sons whose notions were perverted, said that he had died although he was still alive, and even as no sensible man would charge that physician with falsehood;

21. So am I the father of the world, the Self-

Brahma-world and Paradise are usually depicted as places of bliss, but Yama's kingdom is often represented as a kind of hell, though at other times the same King of righteousness is said to have gathered round him the blessed company of the pious departed.

Elsewhere we find Vijvan&tha, the Universal Lord, called Sangamexvara, the Lord of the gathering. Yama is Vaivasvata Sahgamana ^an&nam, he of solar race, the gatherer of men, Rig-veda X, 14, 1.

Ten&ha sushMu ha ^irasya bhomi. The phrase admits of being translated, 'therefore, truly, I am (repeatedly) born after a long