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outwardly and inwardly, with its mountains and woody thickets, down to the great hell AvL£i and up to the extremity of existence. All that he shall see with his natural eye, as well as the creatures to be found in it, and he shall know the fruit of their works. And on that occasion the Lord uttered the follow- ing stanzas-:

1. Hear from me what good qualities shall belong to him who unhesitatingly and undismayed shall preach this Sfitra to the congregated assembly.

2. First, then, his eye (or, organ of vision) shall possess eight hundred good qualities by which it shall be correct, clear, and untroubled.

3. With the carnal eye derived from his parents he shall see the whole world from within and without.

4. He shall see the Meru and Sumeru, all the horizon and other mountains, as well as the seas.

5. He, the hero, sees all, downward to the Avlki and upward to the extremity of existence. Such is his carnal eye.

6. But he has not yet got the divine eye, it having not yet been produced 1 in him ; such as here described is the range of his carnal eye.

Further, Satatasamitdbhiyukta, the young man of good family or the young lady 2 who proclaims this Dharmaparydya and preaches it to others, is possessed of the twelve hundred good qualities of the ear. The various sounds that are uttered in the triple universe, downward to the great hell AvUi

No £api ^dyate. BurnouPs translation, ' il n'aura pas encore la science/ points to a reading, ^ft&yate.

This time the word is also found in my MS.