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ⅩⅩ, 77-88.
the qurʼân.

But he who comes to Him a believer who has done aright — these, for them are the highest ranks, — gardens of Eden beneath which rivers flow, to dwell therein for aye; for that is the reward of him who keeps pure.

And we inspired Moses, ‘ Journey by night with my servants, and strike out for them a dry road in the sea. 80 Fear not pursuit, nor be afraid !’ Then Pharaoh followed them with his armies, and there overwhelmed them of the sea that which overwhelmed them. And Pharaoh and his people went astray and were not guided.

O children of Israel ! We have saved you from your enemy; and we made an appointment with you on the right side of the mount ; and we sent down upon you the manna and the quails. ‘ Eat of the good things we have provided you with, and do not exceed therein, lest my wrath light upon you; for whomsoever my wrath lights upon he falls !

‘ Yet am I forgiving unto him who repents and believes and does right, and then is guided.

85 ‘ But what has hastened thee on away from thy people, O Moses ?’

He said, ‘ They were here upon my track and I hastened on to Thee, my Lord ! that thou mightest be pleased.’

Said He, ‘ Verily, we have tried thy people, since thou didst leave, and es Sâmarly[1] has led them astray.’

And Moses returned to his people, wrathful, grieving !

  1. I. e. the Samaritan ; some take it to mean a proper name, in order to avoid the anachronism.