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66 THE QURAN. XXIII, 14-27. we created the clot congealed blood, and we created the congealed Wood a morsel ; then we created the morsel bone, and we clothed the bone with flesh ; then we produced it another creation ; and blessed be God, the best of creators x ! [15] Then shall ye after that surely die^ then shall ye on the day of resurrection be raiseci^J And we have created above you seven roads 2 ; nor are we heedless of the creation. And we send down from the heaven water by measure, and we make it rest in the earth ; but, verily, we are able to take it away ; and we produce for you thereby gardens of palms and grapes wherein ye have many fruits, and whence ye eat. [20] And a tree growing out of Mount Sinai which produces oil, and a condiment for those who eat. And, verily, ye have a lesson in the cattle ; we give you to drink of what is in their bellies ; and ye have therein many advantages, and of them ye eat, and on them and on ships ye are borne I We sent Noah unto his people, and he said,

  • O my people ! worship God, ye have no god but

Him ; do ye then not fear ?' Said the chiefs of those who misbelieved among his people, 'This is nothing but a mortal like your- selves who wishes to have preference over you, and had God pleased He would have sent angels ; we have not heard of this amongst our fathers of yore : [25] he is nothing but a man possessed; let him bide then for a season/ Said he, ' Help me, for they call me liar!* And we inspired him, 'Make the ark under

See Part I, p. 126, note 2. 2 That is, ' seven heavens/ 

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