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hand the Water of Life, the fecundating principle, and it is a matter of observation that seeds planted when the Moon is in these signs bear more bounteously than when planted under less favorable conditions,

Geocentric System of Astrology:

When Corpernicus proved that the earth and the other planets revolve around the Sun, he is said by scoffers and sceptics to have exploded the system of Astrology which regards the earth as the center around which the Sun, Moon and planets circle. That is a mistaken idea, which may perhaps be shown by an illustration. We still continue to say that the Sun rises, though we know that it is the earth that moves while the Sun remains stationary; but whether the Sun moves in a circle around the earth, and illuminates each portion of its surface in turn, or the earth moves upon its axis and thus exposes one part after another to the rays of the stationary Sun, the effect upon the earth is the same, namely, we get light and sunshine during part of the twenty-four hours. Similarly with the other planets, Astrology judges their effects when in certain positions relative to the earth, regardless of how they came there. Besides, it is so much more convenient to speak from the geocentric standpoint and say “the Sun rises at six,” than to say “the axial rotation of the earth will bring us in line with the Sun’s rays tomorrow at six o’clock.” Even the most arrogant