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eighth house with Neptune in it,

Regarding the influence of interception, we find that when a planet is in an intercepted sign its influence is held in abeyance or latency until by progression it moves out of the intercepted sign. This tendency may be somewhat modified by a strong aspect, or a number of minor or weak ones, but an intercepted planet never has the same power over the life as one that is free.


In Astronomy, the distance a planet is North or South of the ecliptic, or Sun’s path,

In Geography, the distance a city or place is North or South of the Equator.
NoteThe distance of the heavenly bodies North or South of the celestial equator is not called latitude, but declination. When the Sun is at its highest Northern point in the tropic of Cancer, we do not say that it is in twenty-three degrees of North latitude, but that it is in twenty-three degres of North declination. See ‘Declination.’

Lights: The Sun and Moon.


Were originally invented by Lord Napier to make arithmetical calculations easy. They were later adapted to the decimal system, and are used by astrono-